Alpine is Back with 2018 A110

Maybe people aren’t familiar with a brand car named Alpine. Even some people think that it’s a new brand. In fact, Alpine is an old brand. It is a French-based sport car company that is well-known for its rear-engine from Renault. One of its iconic model is A110 which was produced during 1970s.

After a hiatus and was acquired by Renault, Alpine comes up to the surface. The brand is prepared by Renault to attack the competitive sport car segment. Therefore the carmaker is headquartered in Dieppe, France will release radical sport cars and not just a high-performance version of the regular car.


And at 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Renault showed off Alpine Vision Concept which previews of the first model from Alpine that will be released in 2017. And recently, pictures of the 2018 Alpine A110 officially released.

From the exterior design, the latest A110 is still bringing the concept version styling. Interestingly, the two-door car has a retro theme so that its design looks like its predecessor that was popular in 1970s. It can be seen from the circular headlights and LED Daytime Running Lights in the center. And at the rear, Alpine’s designers adds some modern touch such as LED taillights, a rear diffuser, and an exhaust that is placed in the center and probably will be a new icon in the future.


For the engine, the company hasn’t announced anything about it and will be revealed at 2017 Geneva Motor Show this March. But rumor has it that it will be powered by a 1.8 liter engine 4-cylinder turbo producing 250 hp to 300 hp. And its performance is reported can reach 100 km/h from 0 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

Text: Andhika Pradityo

Photos: Alpine



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