Volkswagen Wants Us to Forget Dieselgate with I.D Electric Concept


The diesel scandal has impacted to Volkswagen (VW) future. The company seems to reduce or even kill diesel engines in the future and replace it with electric powertrain. They have announced that the German automaker wants to sell 3 million electric vehicles by 2025 worldwide. And at 2016 Paris Motor Show VW introduced I.D Electric Concept.

I.D Electric Concept is the first company’s electric vehicle that built on Modular Electric Drive (MED) platform. The platform likely to be a basis other electric vehicles from VW. It’s a hatchback that has a similar dimension to its legendary sibling, Golf. But it won’t replace the older sister.


Speaking of exterior design, VW’s designers made unique appearance. Up front, you can see trapezoidal LED Daytime Running Lights round the LED headlights. Interestingly, the ‘VW’ logo can shine when the driver turn on the lights. And just like Mercedes Generation EQ Concept, the lights get digital look to add hi-tech value. And at the rear, thin LED taillights are ready to say hello to you. Overall, the design of I.D Electric is nice and simple. There’s no sculpting line, bulging part, or busy line because this is an efficient car.

The hatchback is powered by electric motor that has 168 hp output. Its performance can reach 0 km/h to 100 km/h in less than 8 seconds. And its maximum speed is 159 km/h. Moreover, the car driving range is between 400 km to 600 km. The battery can be charged via a cable or inductive charging station in just 30 minutes.

Mondial de l'Automobile 2016

VW I.D Electric Concept is equipped with fully-autonomous feature. To activate that mode, driver just touch and hold the VW logo on the steering wheel for 3 seconds, then the car will take control, and the steering wheel will retreat into the dashboard. And for turning off autonomous mode, the driver just press the accelerator pr brake pedal.

Another interesting feature is a head-up display which projects virtual images on the windscreen which appear to be up to 49 feet ahead of the car. When the satellite navigation system is enabled this means that virtual arrows will be projected to show where the car will turn off.

Volkswagen I.D Electric Concept will go on sale in 2020.

Text: Andhika Pradityo

Photos: Paris Motor Show & Volkswagen



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