Mercedes Generation EQ Concept is the First Batch of Tesla Fighter


After a diesel scandal that involve Volkswagen, some car manufactures pointing electric vehicle is the best solution for now and future (maybe). After Elon Musk success selling Tesla EVs in USA and some other countries, carmakers aiming Tesla to be a target to win in electric vehicle segment.

Mercedes is one of company who wants to beat the automaker with T logo. And at 2016 Paris Auto Show the three-pointed-star introduced an electric vehicle in crossover form to fight with Tesla (probably Model X). Moreover, the German automaker also announced to the crowd about EQ brand which is made to handle electric vehicle in the future.


Named Generation EQ Concept, it’s a crossover SUV coupe that’s trending at the moment in car industry. Just like any other concept cars, the electric crossover comes with a futuristic exterior design. And Mercedes calls it an electro look that can be seen from Alubeam Silver paintwork, a digital grille with blue color and a big silver three-pointed-star logo will appear when you start the car, LED headlights, and LED taillights.


Like its exterior design, cabin design still bring electro look which features asymmetrical design of instrument panel. The three-spoke steering wheel features operational buttons to activate climate control and infotainment system. Behind the steering wheel, there’s a wide screen display which will show everything about car condition and infotainment.


For the performance, Mercedes claims that it has 402 hp output and 700 Nm of torque thanks to a pair of electric motors that are placed low between the axles. And German carmaker said that it can reach 500 km driving range on a single charge. Speaking of charging the crossover can be charged wireless, or fast-charging. Moreover, it can be charged in five minutes and gain 100 km driving range if 300 kW charging capacity is introduced in the near future.

Mercedes plans to launch Generation EQ in 2019.

Text: Andhika Pradityo

Photos: Mercedes-Benz



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