2017 Daihatsu Move Canbus Is Just For Women


In making a car, carmakers also doing some research to know how much people need it. And probably Daihatsu has taken a further step when develop a car. Yes, because its latest car has a specific demographic who will buy this car. The 2017 Move Canbus is the newest derivative from the legendary Move. And the Canbus is specified for women. I don’t know whether a man can buy it, too or not.


Interestingly, the kei car comes up with retro-styling and at glance it reminds me of Volkswagen Microbus Concept. Up front, to add classic-look Daihatsu’s designers put circular headlights that feature LEDs. The trapezoidal grille makes the car more attractive. Just like its brother, Daihatsu Tanto, Canbus also features two sliding doors for easier access. Meanwhile at the rear, the circular taillights is combined with clear-background turn signal and reverse lights.


Inside, just like other Daihatsu models, Canbus presents a simple interior design. Buyer can choose color for the cabin such as, Fine Mint, Mist Pink, Mild Mocha, and Beige. And for those who likes black, the Japanese automaker offers Black Interior Pack. Unfortunately, the company places the instrument panel in the center of the cockpit which in my opinion isn’t right.


Daihatsu provides many storage in Move Canbus. You can find it behind the three-spoke steering wheel, front passenger’s dashboard, below the instrument panel, glove box (even hypercars has it),  below the steering wheel, driver’s seat side, center console, behind the front seats, door pocket, and under the rear passenger’s seats.

The minicar is equipped with features such as, an 8-inch touch screen display, a rear camera that is ready to assist the driver parking the car, a navigation system, 6-speaker, 3-spoke steering wheel with button operations, bi-Angle LED headlights, and LED fog lights.

2017 Daihatsu Move Canbus is powered by a 660cc petrol engine that produces 52 hp at 6,800 rpm and 60 Nm of torque at 5,200 rpm.

Text: Andhika Pradityo

Photos: Daihatsu



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