2017 Mercedes E-Class Estate is the Smartest-Ever


Today, Mercedes just unveiled the latest generation of E-Class Estate to the world. The sixth-generation is described as the smartest-ever. It means that the station wagon brings all the newest high technology from its sibling which is a sedan 4-door. Special for the estate version, the German automaker provides key-less go and a hands-free tailgate are included, while a load-securing kit can divide the boot floor using fasteners, rods and luggage holders.


Inside, there’s almost no different to the 4-door. Buyer still get the luxury and high quality material. A giant 12.3-inch display for the top-spec also offered. How about its luggage capacity? Mercedes said that it had 670 liters without the rear seats folded, but when it’s folded it can be 1,820 liters. It means that E-Class Estate beats Audi A6 Avant which has 1,680 liters, BMW 5-Series Touring with 1,670 liters, but the executive wagon still faail if it compared to Skoda Superb Combi (1,950 liters). Furthermore, the German carmaker also announced that they had a plan to launch E-Class Estate with third row seat ( a good news for Indonesian!).


For the exterior part, we still recognize it as E-Class at the front. Mercedes’ designers took all the element design for this version, but the rear section. At the rear, you can see an elegant design with D-pillar and the latest LED taillights that reminds me of newest C-Class Estate.

Under the hood, it features the same powertrain. Started from three diesel engines, the 150PS (148hp) 2.0L E200d, 194PS (191hp) 2.0L E220d and 258PS (255hp) 3.0L V6 E350d, and four petrol units, the 184PS (181hp) 2.0L E200, 211PS (208hp) 2.0L E250, 333PS (328hp) 3.5L V6 E400 4Matic, and the 401PS (396hp) 3.0L V6 E43 4Matic AMG.

Text: Andhika Pradityo

Photos: Mercedes-Benz


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