Tokyo Show Highlights: Kei Cars (Still) Rule The Show


2015 Tokyo Motor Show just open. Like usual, the biennial auto show is ready to serve you with wacky concept cars, including the kei cars. Yes, the supermini cars is still popular in Japan until today. Every single domestic car manufacture at least has one kei car line-up. And this year’s show is no exception.


Speaking of kei cars, the first carmaker that comes up in my mind is Daihatsu. Yeah, the oldest Japanese automaker is well-known as company that specializes in making kei cars. At this year’s auto show, Daihatsu revealed 3 new concept cars. The first is D-Base which is likely previews the next generation of Daihatsu Mira. Its exterior design seems ready for mass production with major or even minor changes. Up front, we can see an aggressive face incorporates with LED headlights and blue lights that sweeps away through the grille. Moreover, the blue lights are vertically placed next to the headlights.

From side, D-Base wears tyres which features blue accents. And at the rear, the blue lights accompanies LED taillights. Inside, the blue lights are placed on the dashboard. The interior design is futuristic, simple, and roomy, thanks to panoramic glass. Daihatsu didn’t told us about its engine, the car company just announced that it brings Mira e:S efficiency technology.


Meanwhile, Daihatsu Nori Ori Concept is all about an easy access to the car. Nori Ori means ‘getting in and out’. Daihatsu offers a very easy access to get in and get out from the car. The concept car has two doors (an automatic sliding door in right side and one at the rear that’s made special for disable people). Interestingly, Nori Ori will decrease its height automatically when you want to get out from the car.


Daihatsu Hinata Concept probably previews the next generation of Tanto or even New Move. The Hinata is described as “a new basic mini vehicle that blends a round design with a taste of refinement and space functionality”. Its dimension is (3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide, 1,670 mm tall, 2,455 mm wheelbase. We’ll let the pictures speak for the car’s roomy interior, which is quite amazing, really. The seats can even face out of the B-pilar-less sides with 180-degree opening doors – a new way of people watching. It’s cute and useful.


The last but not least, Daihatsu Tempo Concept. The Japanese company tries to introduce a new genre of a commercial vehicle. Its exterior design reminiscence me of the first generation of Move. Classified as a commercial vehicle, the Tempo features a showcase equipped with a counter table. There’s also a digital sign on the side of the van that can be used as a signboard. Food trucks are the in thing these days, and this is suitable machine for a pop-up cafe if the food preparation isn’t very space intensive.


Let’s move to Honda booth. The carmaker introduced Wander Stand Concept. For me, it’s almost like a personal car. Honda said that it was a next generation mobility provides users with new experiences and discoveries at their destination, through new autonomous driving technology. Moreover, it is a modern design expressing how people can feel secure, relax and enjoy mobility. The Wander uses Honda Omni Traction Drive System for autonomous driving.


Nissan introduced Teatro for Dayz Concept that is described as a multimedia car. Nissan announced that it is a more than a car for a generation of consumers accustomed to transformational technology and the freedom to use digital devices for sharing experiences. “The generation now getting their first driver’s licenses has always been connected through digital devices, email, social media and so forth. What moves these digital natives is capturing experiences in photos and videos and sharing them. Friends respond with `likes’ and share the experience further. What’s important is not whether something is experienced personally or virtually. What matters is the process of sharing,” said Hidemi Sasaki, Nissan’s Product Planning General Manager.

Photos: Daihatsu, Honda, & Nissan


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