Volkswagen Taigun Update Concept


Seems like the automakers welcome the 4-meter length car regulation. After Chevy introduced Adra in New Delhi Auto Expo 2014, Volkswagen revealed its latest concept car, Taigun. Yeah, it’s a same concept car which has been revealed at Sao Paolo Auto Show 2013. But the automaker did some changes making the concept car gets closer to the mass production.


A big change is in rear section. Here, you can see an outside-mounted spare wheel just like what Ford has done to EcoSport. Other changes are including rear door handles that’s integrated to the window, and LED lights on the roofrails. Comparing to the original Taigun Concept, the update version is 136 mm longer. And then it’s 83 mm wider and 81 mm taller than VW Up! which  Taigun is based-on.


Its cabin has minimalist design. And VW adds some extra features, such as a touchscreen display with infotainment system, and you can connect your smart phone or tablet to the system. VW’s designer gives interesting style on seats with honeycomb theme and orange stitching.

Taigun  has a petrol engine TSI 1.0L  produces 109 hp with 60 mpg fuel consumption and 110g/km emission. But I don’t know whether the engine will be offered too when it’s launched. Rumor has it that Taigun will come to European market and ready to compete with Nissan Juke.


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