2014 Volkswagen Polo


Polo is one of some legendary cars from Volkswagen (VW). Its total production has reached nearly 14 million units world wide since it was launched for the first time in 1975. And now for 2014, the fifth generation of Polo gets refreshment.

Autodesk VRED Professional 2014

Overall, 2014 Polo has a similar exterior design with its predecessor. VW’s designer just did small changes in front. Up front, now Polo has LED Daytime Running Lights which makes it more modern and beautiful. Then, the company offers options for alloy wheels, such as 15-, 16-, and 17-inch.

Der neue Volkswagen Polo

Inside, VW has done some important changes. The latest Polo comes with new 3D instrument cluster, more solid 3-spoke steering wheel, and 6.5-inch color display with proximity sensor. The supermini is the first VW car to get the second generation radio and radio-navigation system of the ‘Modular Infotainment System’ (MIB).

Under the hood, the German automaker offers 3 engine options. For petrol powertrain, buyers can choose 1.0L 3-cylinder and 1.2L 4-cylinder with 4 different outputs range from 59 hp to 109 hp. Meanwhile for diesel, VW only offers 1.4L 3-cylinder TDI engine with 3 different powers from 74 hp to 103 hp. Those engines are mated with 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmissions, and dual-clutch gearbox.

DIN A5_Datenhandbuch_Polo_GP_final_20-09-2013.indd

VW’s engineers add some interesting features to the latest Polo, such as electronically adjustable dampers, electro-mechanical steering, adaptive cruise control, city emergency braking, post-collision braking system, and others safety features.

2014 VW Polo to make its debut at Geneva Motor Show next March.


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