Rumor Has It: BMW & Toyota to Introduce New BMW Z4 and Toyota ‘Z4′


As we know, BMW and Toyota have declared that they agree to collaborate developing green technology. And in last November, some car sites reported that this partnership could spawn hybrid sport cars. And the rumor is getting more interesting now. Today, Motor Trend reported that BMW and Toyota were developing sport cars together. A source from Toyota told to Motor Trend that this project could spawn a New BMW Z4 and its sibling with Toyota badge (temporarily, I call it Toyota ‘Z4′).

Toyota’s source added that these sport cars will have a superb driving impression just like BMW cars. The new coupe will employ the front-engine and rear wheel drive. For the body construction, source said that it will use aluminum and carbon fiber. It means that the duo coupe will have light weight body. Its exterior design hasn’t been done. But I hope both BMW Z4 and Toyota ‘Z4′ would have cool, elegant, and sporty design unlike Toyota FT-1 Concept which is weird (that’s my opinion). Under the hood, we could see the displacement that no bigger than 2.0L and will add a new hybrid system from Toyota.

So the next question is ‘when will it be released? And how about its price?’ Motor Trend said that based-on a source, these coupes will be introduced in 2017 and its price will be around $70,000.

Source: Motor Trend

Picture: Cars Guide


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